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SafariLift is an on-demand service that provides accurate travel data to commuters and public transport providers.

SafariLift commuters will control their travel directly through​ their smartphones​ ---- SafariLift operators will control their business directly through​ their smartphones​.

The app will, through GIS data, visualize commuter transport demands and driver availability along the route, benefiting both transport operators and commuters​

  • Decreasing travel and waiting time​
  • Providing real time driver movements​
  • Encouraging shared mobility

Our core values

SafariLift examines public transport patronage and investment in terms of the triple bottom line – that is the economic, social and environmental benefits it provides.

We believe that public transport is the key to achieve economic connectivity

We believe that public transport is the key factor to increase social inclusion.

We believe that Public transport is the key in reducing congestion and cutting carbon emissions.